The Incredible Yantarni Salmon Camp

The Yantarni Salmon Camp is a wilderness tent camp set in one of the most remote regions of Alaska. Think of it as fishing the Last Frontier of the Last Frontier. This is a trip suitable for hard-core fishing enthusiasts seeking a high-volume wilderness salmon fishing experience. It is also a trip suitable for those who want a peaceful wilderness experience. Days can pass without hearing the sound of an aircraft and the only fishing competition is from your fellow campmates.

Fishing time while at the camp is unlimited. We fish three different streams within a short distance from camp. The main stream, within walking distance from the camp, is filled with ocean-fresh chum, pink and silver salmon, as well as sea-run Dolly Varden. The Silvers and Chums are on the larger size, weight-wise, compared to other runs in Alaska. Some Silvers reach uphill of the 15 lb. mark.

The best salmon holes are those at tide water, about a mile from camp, and the guides transport fishermen from the camp to the tidewater holes using wide-body ATVs. The streams are small enough to wade across most places at low tide and at high tide a good fly caster can reach well past the center. As the salmon enter the stream from the ocean, they can be seen porpoising the surface as they arrive with the tides. It is often possible to see and cast to specific fish. The roar of the nearby surf before you and majesty of the mountains behind you only add to the sweetness of the experience.

The Yantarni Salmon Camp is an Orvis Endorsed Expedition owned and managed by Crystal Creek Lodge. The resource is amazing, and the Orvis Endorsement and the Crystal Creek management are your assurances of a competently run, quality Alaska Salmon Fishing experience.

Since 1984 this place has been called The Incredible Yantarni Salmon Camp. We invite you to discover why.

I opened the Yantarni camp 30 years ago. It is without a doubt one of the most amazing places in Alaska. Incredible is the word I use most often to describe it. Mike (Dan) took a great thing and made it better with the camp improvements and the Mules.

Bill M.
Anchorage, AK